Thursday, August 07, 2014

The Blue Orb

My earliest ‘strange’ memory is from when I was about five years old. My older brother (he must have been seven back then) and I were in our Lego phase. We were obsessed with Lego and our entire bedroom floor was covered in brightly covered bricks and pieces. My mum got fed up with the huge mess and ordered us to clean it up. After a lot of loud protest, we start the task of putting everything back in these plastic containers we had for our Lego. I vaguely remember our mum helping us at first, but I guess she went to her own bedroom to finish some ironing or sometimes. In any case, she couldn’t have gotten far. I remember sitting on my knees, putting bricks of Lego in the container, my brother talking to me in the background and all of a sudden time seemed to slow down to a halt. Strange electricity engulfed the air of the room, giving me goose bumps. I don’t remember if it flew in from somewhere or just appeared but there was this blue orb. The orb was quite small, about the size of a tennis ball, dancing erratically through the room. It was clearly electrically charged, I remember blue sparks coming out of it. I wasn’t scared at all; in fact I was mesmerized by it. It seemed to explore the room, quite playfully. In my memory, the event couldn’t have lasted longer than a few seconds, but next thing I know I’m being shaken by my mum. She looked worried and confused. Apparently, after I hadn’t moved in almost half an hour, my brother got worried and called out to my mother. When she came in the room and started talking to me, I didn’t react to her. When she crouched down to my level, my eyes were blank and staring into space. Only after shaking me, I snapped out of it. I don’t know if I told her what I saw, but if I did she must have assumed I was daydreaming. After all, my family told me I was a strange kid, prone to escaping to fantasy worlds and having a very active imagination, especially when it was my bed time. Aside from that one experience, I never see a blue orb like that again (as far as I can remember at least.) Now, as part of exploring a lot of my strange childhood memories, I did some quick research about orbs and I found out that there is a phenomenon called ‘ghost orbs’. It seems mostly linked to them showing up on photos, and I doubt there is any truth to them. One site mentions that a blue orb is associated with psychic energy and truth. It is associated with spiritual guidance, which is somewhat comforting. After all, I didn’t fear the orb at all and was quite amused by it. None of these so-called ‘ghost orbs’ seem to be electrically charged though, so I have to dig a bit deeper. So far, nothing really has turned up that managed to convince me. These ‘ghost orbs’ pictures don’t seem paranormal in the slightest and accounts of other people seeing these orbs don’t quite match up with my experience. The only thing close to this experience happened a few years ago. It was during the short time I lived at M’s apartment. When I was lying in bed reading, I felt a surge of electricity coming out of the wall close to the ceiling and slowly making its way through the room to the opposite wall. I didn’t see anything, but I felt the power of it slowly crossing the room. I could easily follow it with my eyes, although there was nothing to see. I have no idea if these two events are related in any way, but as I was writing this I was reminded of it.